The Negrons + One \\ Chicago, Illinois

Here's a fun fact - I met Mary on  cruise through the Western Caribbean! A few months after, she contacted me to do a session for her boyfriend and his two boys as a father's day gift. (Yes, she is the sweetest.) Now to make it even better, her boyfriend is a firefighter. She knew he wanted photos of him and his boys at the firehouse, so that's what we did! THEN we adventured around the city for a little family/couples session - so fun!

Photographing one of our nations heroes alongside the people who mean the most to him was such an honor, and the trip to Illinois was a blast!

As I toured around Chicago with Alan, Mary and the boys, I began to fall in love with their city. Their passion about where they live and what they do was inspiring. Chicago has a beautiful mix of the old and the new - which is my personal favorite thing to see in cities. Plus, look at how cute they are galavanting around Chicago.