"Photography has always held a special place in my heart. Growing up, my mom ran a photography business (full studio set up and everything) out of our home. She would ask me to help make the babies smile and let me hold her camera... and that's when I started to fall in love. Not long after, my parents bought me my first camera... and now, here we are!" 

What's your spirit animal? "My dog, Finn, is my spirit animal... we were meant for each other! He loves the outdoors, food, and has a laid back disposition."

What's your favorite pass time? "Besides photography, I LOVE pottery. I actually have a small side business selling my work. The mix of photography and pottery is a dream come true for me."


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The Perfect Palette


Becca first started styling for local boutiques' photoshoots in the Savannah, Georgia area. Since then, she has styled shoots all around the United States including Las Vegas, Georgia and Washington DC. "I love the fact that I get to work with clients to help figure out their vision and style for their wardrobe, event, or special photoshoot. I love seeing the smile on a client's face after I've finished their style session and they finally realize what their personal style is."

What's your spirit animal? "I would have to say my spirit animal is a sloth because in my free time, you can find me curled up in my bed watching Netflix and napping." 

What's your personal style? "I would say my personal style is a mixture of things. My style differs from day to day depending on my mood. One day I may be feeling like a bohemian goddess and the next, a Carrie Bradshaw fashionista"


"Doing hair and makeup has definitely been a creative outlet for me. I love being able to add hair and makeup that compliments and helps to complete an overall look. I love seeing client’s reactions after I have completed their hair and makeup. Many times this gives my clients an extra boost of confidence or that extra pep in their step, and that is so much fun to see and be a part of!"

What's your spirit animal? "I don't consider myself to have a spirit animal, but I am and probably will continue to be a crazy cat lady!"

Why are you excited to be a part of this team? "I love the fact that we are doing senior styled portraitures so differently than it has been done, or how I’m used to it being done. I remember senior sessions would usually happen in a studio setting, with no makeup artist or hairstylist. I feel that this is going to be such a memorable experience for girls that want their sessions done with us."